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My journey into photography started when I was in my late 20’s after my first son was born and I bought my first 35mm camera. I soon enrolled in the photography program at the local community college as a second major. I soon started shooting advertising and headshots for the local Community Theatre Group and aspiring actors and actresses. Photography became my artistic outlet and I enjoyed it so much I soon built a complete darkroom in my garage and a studio in my rarely used living room.

I took up scuba diving in 2002 and once I became comfortable I decided to try underwater videography. In early 2009 my daughter decided to try modeling and so I reawakened my interest in portrait photography and bought my first pro DSLR. I am now learning the “digital” darkroom and have already upgraded my DSLR.

I love to create timeless photos and work to push myself to higher levels. I have a studio in my home in Lake Elsinore and my “darkroom” is now on my computer. I am looking for models both new and experienced who wish to create beautiful timeless pictures.